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Dr. Benson came to dentistry through a diverse path. Learn more...

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Providing caring dental care for adults, seniors and children
Dr. Benson believes in a dental practice that is connected to the diverse cultural community it serves. As a proud Californian, Dr. Benson is thrilled to help the people of California with all their dentistry needs.




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Dr. Benson's Professional Activities

Associate Dentist in Private Practice

Provide quality dental care with my own personal touch. Dr. Benson enjoys building strong patient relationships based on mutual trust and the best possible dental care possible.

Development of new dental business model for empowering patients

It can be a daunting task for patients to find a dentist they trust, as well as fully understand their own treatment needs. Dr. Benson is developing his own dental business model that will significantly change the way patients feel about going to the dentist for the better.

Development of solutions to the current dental business model

In the current dental business model, there are glaring inefficiencies that have never been solved. Dr. Benson believes he has a solution to these problems, and is excited to develop them into a reality.